verbal abuse & bullying is not ‘freedom of speech’


How we beat the heat in Australia. Ice cold can on a warm belly.


people who shame people who have meat or otherwise nonvegan diets don’t seem to understand

  • not everyone can afford a vegetarian or vegan diet
  • not everyone is in charge of the groceries in their kitchen
  • not everyone can keep up with a vegetarian or vegan diet
  • nobody can just quit their diet cold turkey
  • some people have comfort foods that are nonvegetarian / nonvegan


Remember that time I went around messaging “real justice”/”anti-SJW” blogs asking them if they had any plans of addressing nazi blogs?

And all the responses were “we judge actions, not beliefs”, “I think you’ll find they’re quite reasonable if you just talk to them.”, and “that would be fighting hate with hate!”… and, as a kicker, “Actually, I’m a nationalist socialist myself and this is why I’m interested in ~*real*~ justice.”

Sameface Part 2: Revenge of the gender dimorphism


A while ago, I wrote a long-ass article about a certain animated movie’s less-than-stellar treatment of its female character designs. It was not the first, last, or most popular post on the subject, but it did get over 19,000 notes, which is about 18,900 notes more than I thought it would get. By now, everyone is sick to death of hearing about Frozen, and especially about how all the women look the same. So rest assured that I’m not here today to talk about Frozen again.

Instead, I’m here to talk about The Book of Life.


People seem to be getting pretty hyped about this movie, and why shouldn’t they? It’s a film about Mexican culture with an actual Mexican director, and the visual style is certainly a far cry from anything that Disney has ever done. But upon my first viewing of the trailer, I couldn’t help but notice something.




Once again, all of the female characters have the Exact Same Face.

Okay, when I say the Exact Same Face, I don’t mean that their faces are literally exactly the same. What I do mean that if the only difference between their faces is that one has slightly more curved eyes on the top, or one has their nose and mouth placed four millimeters lower, than we have a problem…especially when the male characters look like this:





Last time, we examined why Sameface Syndrome occurs (hint: it’s not about laziness!) and I explained that it’s much more common for it to happen to women than men, since it’s tied to female beauty standards. But what exactly are those beauty standards, and why does the ubiquitous Exact Same Face appear across films and studios in a similar form every time?

Friends, welcome to the wonderful world of gender dimorphism.

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see that’s what i hate though, this assumption that we’ll have to deal with this kind of thing eventually. i’m glad you’re not super upset over it though- you’re too awesome for them to get you all riled up over

yeah, it does suck… but I guess due to working in food service, I’ve been conditioned to take those lumps. Good thing I can’t get fired from the internet for taking ignorant people to task who want to start arguments with me about my own gender lmao