guezadilla replied to your post: I really have no idea what to write in this…

I know how you feel, I’m actually updating mine right now and I don’t even know how to not sound a) cheesy as hell or b) like a “synergy” freak.

Well, considering that a.) I have no formal art school schooling, and b.) I have no previous experience in the art field

I’m beginning to wonder why in the hell I’m even bothering with this

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  1. penismanlyguy69 said: you know what, i’m gonna tell you something i leanred recently while looking for work. no employer gives a single shit about an art school degree unless it’s the only thing you have to show. Talent is what they judge you on.
  2. whoaitsjoe said: If you need to, ask a close friend for a second-hand opinion. There are probably some things you don’t give yourself enough credit for that others recognize and appreciate.
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