I’m actually thumbnailing a short comic about my experiences at SPX (in b4 I never end up finishing it), but I still wanted to gush because so many awesome things happened

  • met and talked briefly with Tyson Hesse (creator of Boxer Hockey, of which I ended up buying two volumes). He somehow already kind of knew who I was, which… I don’t even know how that happened. VERY COOL GUY and his comic is rad and you should read it if you haven’t already http://boxerhockey.fireball20xl.com/
  • bought the Anime Club book and Speedhog the Hedgehog anthology from KC Green, who I’d already met briefly during NYCC last year. ALSO A VERY COOL GUY http://gunshowcomic.com
  • met Calvin Wong, storyboard artist and writer for Regular Show who… also… somehow already knew who I was. He complimented me on my fanart and we chatted briefly about the show and the Golden Globe win and I bought both volumes of “Ramble On!” and gosh it was great. so so so great. I met Hellen Jo as well and bought one of her books, “Deep Cut”
  • said hi to Becky and Frank of  http://www.tinykittenteeth.com/ who I had also previously met during last year’s NYCC and once again were absolutely awesome people. I bought an adorable print of them of a snowshoe kitty because… well, I have a terrible, crippling weakness for both cute art and snowshoe kitties. PLUS IT WAS THE LAST ONE LEFT, I HAD TO
  • met and chatted with Scott Campbell (I didn’t even know he was even going to BE at SPX) and gushed over his art and books. He was probably afraid that I was going to break down crying in front of his table at any moment (which, I’ll admit, I probably would have because his art is just THAT GREAT). There was a preview copy of Great Showdowns and oh man I am so ordering that when it comes out. And his art book. Because apparently I’m not happy unless I’m spending all of my money all the time.

By the end of the day I literally had to park myself next to Ian and Mad’s table just so I wouldn’t wind up obliterating my entire bank account balance. I also picked up a metric shit-ton of business cards and flyers and other mini-comics which I will definitely be checking out in the future

A+ 10/10 would SPX again and, with any luck, have my own table

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