Anonymous: sometimes you annoy me because you are kind of untouchable like you have this really devoted fanbase and you can be kind of a dick and no one will care

oh my god what are you talking about

are you even reading what you’re typing

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  1. ptcapaldi said: anon wants to touch you
  2. anderjak said: what even in the fuck is this thing i am reading
  3. numerosix said: Hahaha what?
  4. reaill said: adri ur fanbase
  5. ninjkabat said: No, just embrace being a dick and not caring. That’s what I do. I’m a nice guy generally, but if someone deserves it, I’m a dick to them and then just don’t care. Join the cool kids.
  6. penismanlyguy69 said: yeah adri how dare you have lots of followers. that automatically makes you a jerkbutt. gosh. gosh dang you. you make me so flustered con sarnit!!!
  7. faywen said: WHAT DOES IT MEAN
  8. superamatista said: "FANBASE"?!
  9. ehjaybones said: wh… huh
  10. borgqueenmorphine said: …wat
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