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Did you ever see that South Park where they legally changed the meaning of the word to mean someone who was a complete dick a rode a Harley really loud around town?

I haven’t, but I have seen people on Tumblr shitting its own pants over it like it’s the single greatest thing to happen to the English language and it’s like

uh no

you can’t magically erase the oppressive nature of a word just because a dumb cartoon said so

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  3. ninjkabat said: I know. There was also that episode where they said white people can’t use the N word because of that: it’s oppressive. Just wondering if you’d seen it. Using that F word is just as dumb and oppressive and I don’t tolerate it around me.
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  5. jacketlizard said: the worst part is that south park also had that episode about how sorry white people you don’t get to use the n-word just deal with it you aren’t allowed. and then later they’re like NOW THIS OTHER WORD THOUGH
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    just fucking reblogging this since im tired of people bringing up that SP episode
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