All right, here’s the deal…

I’m gonna be taking a break from Tumblr for a while. Probably for like, an entire month. Starting today.

As I mentioned about a week or so ago, I’m gonna be moving back to Indiana sometime around the first of June. Needless to say there’s still a lot of things that I need to get done before that happens, up to and including getting my commission backlog finished.

(Because seriously. This is fucking atrocious. You’re probably getting second-hand stress just from looking at it, and I don’t blame you.)

The three major things I want to focus on as of right now are my art, working as many shifts at my job as I can, and going through my belongings n getting rid of what I don’t need/want. (Expect an internet yard sard post to crop up sometime in the next couple of weeks)

Obviously, tumblr is a giant time-suck for me and hanging around here will just hinder me from getting anything done.

I’ll still be lurking in the background, but the only things I’m going to be posting are art (which you can find on my art blog), livestream announcements (I plan on doing at least a few this month), and (eventually) a sale post. I’ll still have asks on if you want to message me about anything, but for the most part this blog is going to be pretty quiet until I get moved.

If you would like, you’re more than welcome to follow me on twitter (I’m fairly active over there) or on DeviantART or FurAffinity or wherever.

If something important comes up and you absolutely NEED to contact me, send me an email ( I always have my email open because I’m a Big Nerd. Otherwise just send me an ask and I’ll get to it when I get to it

anyway, i’m queuing this up so by the time this is posted I’ll already be outta this mess

k bye see u in June

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  1. intrepimid said: Take care man. We’ll be around when you get back. c:
  2. dungeonmaster11 said: Best of luck with everything Adri! :) *BEAR HUG*
  3. fackeltanz said: good luck!
  4. askgrohiik said: Hope you have an easy time moving! Best of luck to getting all those commissions done too, because wow.
  5. numerosix said: Good luck with everything.
  6. poinko said: oh so THAT’S how people keep track of commissions
  7. dinolich said: Good luck dude
  8. folikon said: good luck and take care of yourself!
  9. big-boss-piss said: Take all the time you need to get stuff sorted, Adri. :)
  10. clairvoire said: Wish you the best of luck Adriii! Hang in there cat!
  11. awfulgasmic said: Best of luck, Adri! I’ll miss your awesome posts, but more importantly I hope everything works well out for you.
  12. grizzlyging said: Hope its an easy move adri!
  13. watchthelightfade said: <3! see u soon
  14. azookara said: Good move, braver and wiser choice than I could do. :v Good luck!
  15. technicolor-skeleton-condom said: good luck adri! i look forward to your return. :)
  16. schrodingersvet said: <3 ill miss you!
  17. royaldoe said: GOOD LUCK WITH EVERYTHING ADRI!! <33
  18. letsallgotothelobby said: best of luck!
  19. rinnysega said: best of luck Adri !