the-almost-doctor: aussied/ninjkabat/asmymlivural

aussied: I don’t know her terribly well, but she seems nice! (adri that was awful, F-)

ninjkabat: ninjka is like… that revered older brother who’s done all these really cool things n every time he says anything you’re always at least mildly impressed by it. we don’t talk a whole lot apart from a skype chat here and there, but he’s always been really cool. a fistbump awaits for him when I arrive at SDCC

asmymlivural: I’m trying to remember which post that made me follow you but I can’t because my memory is crap, lmao. I do know that I followed you because you seemed like a pretty cool person and you didn’t disappoint

also maybe I’m just dumb but I am so confused by your username

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  1. ninjkabat said: blerg. I’m not that cool. And, like, you’re a year older than me. You’re the cool one. I just - I’m not that cool.
  2. the-almost-doctor said: Oh no, you’re not dumb. It’s actually an anagram of my real name, but it’s really unwieldy as an online handle. My continuing quest is to find a new url that fits me just right. Also I think you followed me because of the cult fan base thing maybe?
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